At St. John's, worship is at the center of all we do. And the way we worship invites all people to find a home here. From our music to our friendly spirit, the ways we celebrate the seasons of our lives and the year bring together the best of our cherished traditions and the freshest expressions of love, faith, and hope in Jesus Christ.


Along with our Sunday service time, we offer two evening alternatives, on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Often, these services are more informal, taking place in our auditorium. For all our services, families are encouraged to bring their children--we love the joyful noise of singing and playing!

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Every Sunday at 10:00am


1st Sunday of the month


We’re glad you’re here!!

We’re so glad you’re worshipping with us today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an usher or any members of St. John’s including Pastor Blatt. Feel free to use the restrooms as needed.

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You’re welcome here whether you feel like you have strong faith, or you feel like you have none. You’re welcome here if you’re divorced, single, never married, happily married, or unhappily married. You’re welcome here if you’re LGBTQIA+ or straight -- if you’re sure or still discerning. You’re welcome here if you’re a loner or part of the crowd. You’re welcome here if you come to church all the time or if this is your first time. You’re welcome here whether you are a great singer or can barely carry a tune in a bucket. You’re welcome here if you’re in a good mood or not. Whether you were excited to come here or not. Whether you read the Bible every day or you’ve never cracked the binding. No matter if you’re rich or poor, black, white, brown, or a mix of the three, terminally ill or incredibly healthy, 5 months old or ninety-five years old.




So, worship God, sing your heart out or stay quiet (if that’s what you prefer), pray, be renewed. We hope we provide you with a life-giving space to explore your faith.



You can view past services and sermons at St. Johns, filmed and updated by faithful St. John's members. See more on the St. John's YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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